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Please visit the following links to view the Lowndes County School District Needs Assessment Report and the Improvement Plan for  2017-2018.

What people say about LPE....

"When you stand in the hallway and watch the students enter the building, they are smiling! They are happy to be at school- happy to share their day with us, and we’re happy to share our day with them. Then, you watch them walk out at the end of the day, and they are also smiling because in some form or fashion something good has happened here today. Good things happen every day at this school! Simply put… LPE is the place to BE!" ~Joy Robinson, 4th grade teacher

"Lake Park Elementary is set apart from other schools because the campus is filled with teachers who have a genuine LOVE for the students. LPE teachers truly care to see the children succeed and have high standards set for all students. We WANT to be here and we WANT to bring out the best in our students!"  ~Michelle Parkerson, 1st grade teacher

"Students being encouraged and challenged with innovative teaching strategies, while being loved 'like family', makes LPE a great place to learn." ~ Bridget Corbett, Kindergarten teacher

"LPE embraces ALL the UNIQUE and DIVERSE needs of our students in order to nurture and support their growth."   ~Angie Hendley, 4th grade teacher

"I've been a student, parent, and teacher at LPE. It is home. Every teacher I have encountered goes above and beyond to not only teach, but to have a personal relationship with parents and students. The amount of heart at LPE is apparent not only in test scores, but on the faces of everyone who enters the door."   ~ Heather Pettigrew, 3rd grade teacher

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Lake Park Elementary School

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Award Winning School

In March 2017, LPE was named a 2016-17 Title I Reward Highest-Performing School.

Highest-Performing School is among the five percent of the state’s Title I schools with the absolute highest performance, over three years, for the “all students” group on the statewide assessments.

How does LPE compare to other GA schools?

  • Lake Park Elementary School's overall performance is higher than 89% of schools in the state and is higher than its district.
  • Its students' academic growth is higher than 81% of schools in the state and higher than its district.
  • 66.0% of its 3rd grade students are reading at or above the grade level target.
  • Lake Park Elementary School is Beating the Odds, meaning that it performs better than similar schools.

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